November 21, 2023
A banner for Inform EU, with a teal background. The European Commission logo and Czechian flag are above the words "Inform EU" which is in white text. To the left of these is a line drawing of someone holding a microphone, with a white silhouette of another person holding a microphone and gesturing with their other hand. In a section below this on a white background are the words "Plenary Meeting, 14-16 November 2023, Ostravia, Czechia".
The fifth plenary meeting of the Inform EU Network of Communication Officers took place in Ostrava, Czechia from 14th until 16 November. The meeting focused on data, transparency, and communication. INFORM EU is an EU-wide network of communication officers responsible for communicating EU and Member State investments under shared management covering several EU funds. Throughout the course… Continue Reading Inform EU Network of Communication Officers
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