Call for Proposals for Competence Centres for Social Innovation

(European Social Fund+ Social Innovation+ National Competence Centres for Social Innovation Call)

This Call will fund the building up and consolidating the capacity of National competence centres for social innovation (NCCs). It builds on the lessons learnt and the developments triggered in most Member States by the previous Call, published in 2020 – Competence Centres for Social Innovation (VP/2020/010). Focusing on:

  • Professionalisation and further development of NCCs;
  • Creation of NCCs in the Member States where they have not been created yet.

Applications must involve consortia of at least three co-applicants from at least three Member States. The Call requires the ESF+ Managing Authority of each Member State to endorse the most suitable and competent national organisation(s), following a transparent and prompt process.   The competence centre does not have to be a single organisation but can be formed by a network of several organisations.

If selected by the Commission, the organisation/network will be expected to develop more sustainable structures and relationships for existing or new national competence centres and be engaged in the systematic cooperation, capacity building and mutual learning at national and European levels.

Organisation(s) (properly established and registered legal entities) must have the financial and operational capacity to complete the activities envisaged by the Call.  Lead applicants must have sufficient experience in managing/coordinating transnational projects of comparable size and nature, including a comparable number and diversity of partners, meaning:

  • The Coordinator (as a legal entity) managed at least 1 transnational consortium project within the past five years, or
  • The lead project manager (currently employed or planned to be employed by the Coordinator and directly involved in the implementation of the project submitted under the Call) managed at least 1 transnational consortium project within the past five years. Additionally, the lead project manager is expected to have a very good command (C1 level) of English.

The ESF Managing Authority is liaising with the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) on the endorsement of the most suitable and competent organisation/network. It is intended that DRCD will maintain a strong role as support partner in the process. A collaborative approach is envisaged to facilitate the development of a shared strategy and action plan to support social innovation in Ireland.  Any organisations intending to apply for this call should contact Friday 22nd September setting out their organisation’s eligibility, financial and operational capacity in line with the requirements in the Call as well as their particular competence in the types of activities that can be funded.

Further information on the Call for Proposals is available on the European social fund agency website.