European Social Fund Plus (ESF+)

ESFplus Covid19 Graphic

In its long–term response to the pandemic, the Commission has proposed important amendments to the ESF+ proposal.

  • The amended proposal includes strengthened support for youth employment. Member States with an above Union average rate of people aged 15 – 29 not in employment, education, or training should invest at least 15% (up from 10% in the original ESF+ proposal) of their ESF+ resources to targeted actions to support young people.
  • The ESF+ will also help to tackle child poverty. No child can be left behind in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. The amended ESF+ proposal requires all Member States to allocate at least 5% of their ESF+ resources to implement measures that reduce child poverty.
  • In addition, the ESF+ will make a strong contribution to the green and digital transitions by driving investment in skilling opportunities so that workers can thrive in a climate-neutral, more digital, and inclusive society.
  • To be better prepared for future emergency situations, the ESF+ includes a crisis-response mechanism. This will ensure that under exceptional circumstances, the Commission can adapt it to respond to such events, swiftly amending fund management rules for Member States as needed.