Department of Foreign Affairs launches the Communicating Europe Initiative 2023

Minister Thomas Byrne launched the Communicating Europe Initiative 2023.

The Department of Foreign Affairs’ has launched the Communicating Europe Initiative 2023. The initiative is aimed at deepening public awareness of the role the EU plays in our daily lives and at improving the quality and accessibility of public information on European issues, particularly at regional or national level.
The Communicating Europe Initiative provides funding for projects that communicate European issues, the role of the European Union and Ireland’s place in Europe. The Department of Foreign Affairs is now accepting applications from voluntary organisations, educational bodies and civil society groups. For 2023, successful projects will focus on Ireland’s 50th anniversary of EU membership (EU50). The EU50 programme began in January 2022 and will conclude at the end of May 2023.

Reflecting the EU50 timeline, CEI 2023 has been launched earlier than usual and it is envisioned that successful applicants will receive funding in January 2023. As such, applicants are encouraged to engage in projects, where possible and relevant, up to Europe Day/Week, 9 May 2023, before the end of the EU50 programme. Projects with a longer life span will, of course, still be considered.

The allocation for the CEI in 2021 is €200,000. While decisions on the number and level of grants will be dependent on the range of proposals received, it is envisaged that the maximum individual grant awarded will be €10,000.

The application deadline is 6 January 2023. More details about how to apply, the application form and info on past CEI projects can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs’ website