What does EMFF Funding Support?

EMFF supporting the Irish Seafood Sector

State agencies are granted EMFF funding to implement projects on behalf of the Irish Seafood Industry. In addition, Bord Iascaigh Mhara has been designated as an intermediary body for the administration of EMFF grants for individuals, groups and businesses.

Please visit their website to view the list of schemes supported and to find out if you can benefit.


EMFF supporting Data Collection activities in Ireland

The EMFF Data Collection Scheme funds the data collection required for the implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy.

The Marine Institute has been tasked with the responsibility to conduct and co-ordinate the data collection, data management and production of scientific advice required to meet Ireland’s Data Collection obligations.

Please visit their website for more information.


EMFF supporting Control & Enforcement activities in Ireland

The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority implement the control and enforcement activities in Ireland, ensuring compliance with the rules for sustainable fishing practices by all vessels operating in waters within the remit of the Irish Control Authorities.

Please visit their website for more information.


EMFF supporting Blue Growth in Ireland

The Marine Institute is responsible for improving the knowledge on the state of the marine environment and the level of protection of marine areas, through collection and harmonisation of marine data and development of marine spatial planning capacities. This will allow Ireland to improve the level of protection of marine resources and to create conditions for the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Please visit their website for more information.


EMFF supporting the Marketing of Irish Seafood Products

Bord Bia is tasked with the promotion of Irish Seafood Products in both the domestic and International market place on behalf of the industry. Their aim is to secure higher added value business in core markets, increase Irish seafood exports in the emerging growth markets and to develop a vibrant market in Ireland for a range of underutilised fish species

Please visit their website for more information.