Meta-Analysis of Evaluations

In November 2022, The European Commission published the first ever “Meta-analysis of the ESF counterfactual impact evaluations” which synthesizes around 100 ESF Counterfactual Impact Evaluations (CIEs) produced by 22 EU Member States and the UK covering the 2007-2013 and 2014-2020 programming periods.

While there have been several meta-analysis produced in the academic literature, this is the only meta-analysis focusing on the ESF interventions. The study provides a methodology to code the CIEs, and presents a set of recommendations to improve the quality and coverage of the ESF CIEs in the future.

The Report and Annexes are available here


Guidance Documents

The Commission have recently published the following updated guidance material  –

 Design and Commissioning of Counterfactual Impact Evaluations

Advanced Counterfactual Evaluation Methods