Youth Employment Support

On July 1st, the European Commission launched the Youth Employment Support package. It is built around four strands:

  • Bridge to Jobs reinforces the Youth Guarantee and steps up the outreach to vulnerable young people across the EU, now covering people aged 15 – 29.
  • The Commission aims to make vocational education and training systems more modern, attractive, flexible, and fit for the digital and green economy.
  • There will be a renewed drive for apprenticeships. The European Alliance for Apprenticeships will promote national coalitions, support SMEs, and reinforce the involvement of social partners: trade unions and employers’ organisations.
  • Additional measures to support youth employment include employment and start-up incentives in the short term and capacity building, young entrepreneur networks, and inter-company training centres in the medium term.

The Commission has urged Member States to step up youth employment support by making use of the available funding under the future EU budget.

Factsheet on Youth Employment Support.

Further information can be found at the European Commission’s Q&A on Youth Employment Support: a bridge to jobs for the next generation.