HCIOP Monitoring Committee Meeting 05 June 2012

Minutes of HCI OP Monitoring Committee Meeting 05/06/2012

Draft Agenda



1  Introduction by Chairperson  
2  Adoption of Agenda For approval
3  Minutes of MC meeting of 11th Nov 2011 For discussion and approval
For discussion
For discussion

6  Horizontal Principles  

Review of Gender Equality HP 2011 reports

Review of Wider Equal Opportunities HP reports 2011

For discussion
7  Presentation on the Labour Market Education & Training Fund For discussion
8  Structural Funds; next round -State of Play; new Regulations – Presentation COM and D/PER to update on process with new proposals for 2014-2020

9  Transnational cooperation; capacity of ESF MA and/or IBs to participate

For discussion
10  AOB  
11  Next Meeting