Marine Institute Fisheries Research featured on Euronews

The fisheries research undertaken by Marine Institute scientists on board the RV Celtic Explorer features in a new short video documentary on – Europe’s leading international news channel.

The short documentary ‘Where’s the catch? The fishery surveys keeping our seas sustainable’ highlights the work of Marine Institute scientists during the annual Irish Groundfish Survey on Ireland’s national research vessel, RV Celtic Explorer. This six-week fisheries survey in Ireland’s Atlantic shelf takes place each year, with the survey passing through 170 points on the nautical chart.

The Irish Groundfish Survey assesses commercially exploited fish stocks, such as haddock and whiting. The survey provides an index of the share of young fish in the stock, which in turn gives an indication of its spawning success.

The Irish Groundfish Survey is part of Ireland’s Data Collection Scheme which is carried out under Ireland’s Operational Programme (OP), co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund.


For further details, please refer to the Marine Institute: Marine Institute Fisheries Research featured on Euronews | Marine Institute

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