PEACE III Programme

The PEACE III Programme successfully delivered 213 projects (including Technical Assistance) with a cumulative expenditure of €329.8m across Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. Projects were funded under the following themes; Building Positive Relations at the Local Level; Acknowledging and Dealing with the Past; Creating Shared Public Spaces; and Key Institutional Capacities.

The €333m PEACE III Programme carried forward many of the key aspects of the PEACE I (1995-1999) and PEACE II (2000-2006) Programmes, but with a renewed emphasis on reconciliation.

To find out more about PEACE III download a copy of its Operational Programme document here. A Closure Report for the PEACE III Programme (and associated Annex paper) was approved by the European Commission in September 2017 and is available to view here.

The eligible area for PEACE III included Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland (comprising of Counties Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal).

A new strategic approach to achieve maximum impact from the funding available from the PEACE III Programme was developed. Local Councils in Northern Ireland formed themselves into eight clusters and played a more strategic part in the delivery of the Programme. The six County Councils in the Border Region of Ireland had the same role. Working in partnership with communities, they developed local ‘Peace and Reconciliation Action Plans’.