What is the PEACE IV Programme?

The €270m PEACE IV Programme is a unique initiative of the European Union which has been designed to support peace and reconciliation across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland. 

The PEACE Programme was initially created in 1995 as a direct result of the EU’s desire to make a positive response to the paramilitary ceasefires of 1994.

Whilst significant progress has been made since then, there still remains a real need to improve cross-community relations and create a more cohesive and forward-looking society.

As peace has evolved and matured the PEACE Programme has played an important role in promoting social and economic stability and increasing greater levels of cross-community engagement.

What does the PEACE IV Programme Fund?

The PEACE IV Programme has four core objectives where it is making real and lasting change. A Citizens’ Summary of the Programme can be found here.

  • Shared Education – to build a culture of good relations amongst school children and equip them with the skills and attitudes needed to contribute to a more peaceful society. Learn more about this work here.
  • Building Positive Relations – to help people live, learn and socialise free from prejudice and discrimination. Learn more about this work here.
  • Children & Young People – to support children and young people who feel that they have been marginalised or excluded. Learn more about this work here.
  • Shared Spaces & Services – to create new shared spaces that can be used safely by all sections of the community and help build a more cohesive society. Learn more about this work here.
  • Local Authority PEACE Action Plans – funding is also provided to local authorities across NI and the border counties of Ireland to help Build Positive Relations, support Children & Young People and create new Shared Spaces & Services. Learn more about this work here.

More information on the PEACE IV Programme can be found at www.seupb.eu

Please see below link to a list of operations which have been awarded funding under the current PEACE IV Programme (2014-2020). 

For more information on any of the projects funded please contact us via email: info@seupb.eu