Bridging the Gap

Mary Elmes Bridge – Cork City

Mary Elmes Bridge Cork CityThe newest bridge across the River Lee in Cork City is providing a safe and attractive passage for pedestrians and cyclists, helping to make the city more livable.

The Mary Elmes Bridge was developed and realised with €1.5m from the ERDF S&E Regional Programme 2014-20.

The bridge links the St Patrick’s and Merchants Quay, providing easier access to the Victorian quarter, Kent Railway Station and its surrounds for pedestrians and cyclists.

About 11,000 people use it daily, reducing traffic congestion and contributing to a cleaner, healthier city.

A projected 2.5 million journeys are expected across the bridge annually which will save pedestrians and cyclists an average of 1.8 minutes per journey – close to 75,000 hours of commuting time per year – resulting in an estimated €862 500 each year.

Spanning 66m and weighing 165 tonnes, the bridge blends in with its environment without disrupting river navigation. Bollards at both sides of the bridge ensure access for pedestrians and cyclists only.

The bridge is named in honour of Mary Elmes, a Cork-born woman often referred to as the Irish Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of hundreds of Jewish children during the Holocaust.

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