Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy aims to enhance equal access to lifelong learning for all age groups in formal, non-formal, and informal settings while promoting flexible learning pathways including through career guidance and validation of acquired competencies. Investment is primarily aimed at the unemployed, particularly the long-term unemployed, disadvantaged groups, those under-35’s and those formerly employed in declining sectors such as the construction sector, as well as adults in need of improved basic literacy, language, and numeracy skills.

Adult Literacy allows people with reading and writing difficulties to gain access to literacy education. It provides a range of basic education programmes for adults which may include:

  • Reading and writing
  • Communication skills
  • Applying numbers and tackling maths problems in everyday life
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Study skills


Take The First Step

‘Take the first step’ is Ireland’s campaign to encourage adults who have difficulty with reading, writing, maths, or technology to contact a Freephone support line 1800 20 20 65 to get the help they need. Once they make contact the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) will put them in contact with their local ETB Adult Education Centre or tell them about other free services that will meet their needs.

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