Public Awareness of our Funds

Believe EU Funding has a positive impact on Ireland
Think There should be a Regional Approach to EU Funding
are Aware of at least one of the European Funds
Ireland's membership of the EU is a good thing

the most important areas for EU investment in Ireland

Public Health



Climate Change

Public Attitudes and Awareness of EU Funding

We regularly reach out to see what our citizens think about Europe, membership of the European Union and the impact of the various EU Funds on our lives.

Your feedback helps us to evaluate the impact of those EU Funds and also allows us to improve how we tell the story of what the EU Funds achieve in Ireland.

Here you can read some of the reports that we have produced.


2020 Report

2016 Report

2010 Report

We also appreciate your continued feedback and would love if you took the time to vote on some of the options below, the results will be published here soon.


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